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Are you planning a wedding, corporate, or editorial event? At Blooming Haus, every seemingly tiny detail of our floral arrangements, from the vibrancy of the crimson red roses, down to the rustic seasonal textures we use, are all accounted for and perfectly balanced to have the desired impact. Your guests will still be able to feel and smell the redolence of the atmosphere long after the occasion is over.

Since 2014, we’ve gathered our acclaim exhibiting meticulous attention to detail. Our culture of boundless creativity led by Swiss-trained Master Florist Michal Kowalski is steadfast in consistently reaching new aesthetic heights.

Never content with the status quo, our creators scour every conceivable resource to conjure up the sort of alchemy that creates unique, one-of-a-kind, installations every time.

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We’re mindful of both people and the planet utilising sustainable and ethical resources in all aspects of our business.

Based in London, we hand-select our local and rare specimens of flora from the beautiful British countryside. 

Any flowers or foliage that can only be found further afield are sourced from our long-standing relationships with small, independent growers in the UK, Holland, & Germany.

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We approach each of our client’s projects with a unique flair, high-level design thinking, and an unrivalled level of service.

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