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Brief Introduction To Roses

Yellow Rose

“What a lovely thing a rose is!” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Naval Treaty

With their beauty beyond compare, roses represent an endearing symbol of love, romance and even gratitude. Combine this with their versatility, it’s no surprise roses are a popular pick among Bloominghaus clients—for any event or occasion and of course… just because!

So, what’s in a rose?

In addition to being a symbol of devotion, these beautiful blooms enjoy a long history in human culture, not to mention a most colourful one as well. After all who would have thought that a series of bitter battles over the throne of England (The War of the Roses) would be named after something so beautiful that’s an expression of love? Roses have been and continue to be an iconic subject of songs, poems, paintings, perfumes and so much more.

While these beautiful blooms enjoy universal appeal, it’s interesting to note nearly 20 percent of all brides select roses as their wedding flower. This makes them the number one bridal choice, according to The Wedding Report.

Thousands of Roses of Beautiful Roses

If you plan on using roses as wedding flowers or perhaps for a business or social event, this brief introduction to rose varieties will help prepare you for a discussion with your florist. To start with, all roses are grouped as either old garden roses or modern roses. London florists typically offer the modern types, so we’ll focus on those delights. Modern roses come in over 3,000 commercial varieties from the sweet pink Tiffany rose to the sunny Rio Samba and sultry Black Magic roses. With so many choices, florists classify them further into three basic groups:

Hybrid tea

Hybrid Tea Rose

By far the most popular class, these beauties made their debut in 1867 marking the beginning of the modern rose. Hybrid tea roses are the elegant, long-stem varieties that we commonly purchase from London florists by the single stem or dozen. Featuring a single, large rose per stem, the pointed buds bloom into a circular pattern with perfect symmetry.


Rose Floribunda


Rose grandiflora

The Grandiflora is a cross between the Hybrid tea and Floribunda. Noted for their cup-shaped petals, an eye-catching favourite is the modern Garden rose. Resembling old- fashioned English garden roses, today’s cultivars are full and fluffy, evoking a vintage, whimsical look and feel—perfect for wedding flowers! In fact, these roses make a striking stand in for peonies when they are out of season.

What’s better than a dozen roses?

Although we think the traditional choice of a dozen long-stemmed roses pairs perfectly with any occasion, our London florists love to lend a fresh update to these blooms by combining them with new and unique design ideas. Now that we hopefully enlightened you on everything roses, give our florists at Bloominghaus a call to light up your special event or someone’s day with roses!