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Crowne Plaza Wedding

Clematis, red David Austin roses, pink perfumed roses, purple and pink clematis, lavender spray roses, deep purple scabiosas and cotinus

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Wedding Flowers Photoshoot

This was quite an interesting brief: we received a phone from a lovely lady, quickly met up in the hotel and within 5 minutes we finalised the idea. We were quite surprised, too! Wedding flowers photoshoot in making! In 3 weeks!

The beautiful Crowne Plaza hotel is situated not far from our studio in Battersea, right by the river. Its views are quite spectacular! Not often does one see the Chelsea Helipad at one's feet, river Thames in front of you and yet, you're inside of a quiet and very luxurious hotel. The wedding rooms were quite large and needed a lot of flowers to wow in pictures. So we did what we loved the most - picked from the rich and dark colours, paired them with different hues, shades and pastels of greens, added a spruce of mint and rose here and there... And so the concept was formed - modern bride that loves garden flowers and enjoys her London wedding in a serene location by the river will get the look she wants.

The large candelabras stand proud in the middle of the tables and invite the guests to sit down and enjoy their wedding dinner. All arrangements have a garden feel and smelled beautifully across the whole venue - with sweet and perfumed garden roses and mints. What's more to love? The hotel wedding planners were amazed - and us? Proud as always and happy to see our clients smile.

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