How to Choose Flowers for your Corporate Event

How To Choose Flowers For Your Corporate Event

Flowers can jazz up the decor of any event, while also helping to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. However, what kind of blooms you pick will be greatly influenced by the occasion itself, and from internal business meetings and large conferences to product launches and special occasions, there are flowers to suit every event. Whether you want to decorate a space, or even boost brand awareness by incorporating your company logo and colours into the design, flowers can enable you to add colour and magic to your space.

It’s worth remembering that flowers aren’t just for decoration — they can also boost your employees’ productivity and happiness. At Blooming Haus, we specialise in creating beautiful floral displays for corporate events, and our expert florists have a wealth of experience in designing arrangements to reflect your brand values. We understand that picking flowers isn’t easy, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the most suitable blooms for your business. You can contact us today for more information.



The arrangements should depend on the event

The flowers you pick will be influenced by the event you’re hosting, as different arrangements will suit different occasions. A product launch might welcome more elaborate floral designs which incorporate bold and extravagant elements. For example, a decadent statement flower wall will be appropriate for a beauty product launch, as the flowers can be big, pink and over the top, drawing attention to your new product.


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Exciting events for new product ranges or services also offer the potential for choosing relevant flowers, such as food-themed blooms for a restaurant’s launch of a new menu, or seasonal arrangements for Christmas and Halloween parties. Conversely, more low-key events, like internal meetings, will benefit from a more laid back approach. These types of events can utilise table centrepieces, and may benefit from fewer fragrant varieties, so that your guests aren’t overwhelmed by the floral scent when eating and drinking.



Which flowers are best for a corporate event?


Although there are some popular blooms that are commonly used at corporate events — plenty of which are available all year round — some flowers suit certain events more than others. It’s worth considering the meanings behind flowers as well. For example, lilies are very popular for funerals, so they won’t be as suitable for a business event.



Delphniums are a safe bet for any event, as they’re simple to complement any decor, yet bold enough to hold their own and spruce up a venue. They evoke feelings of grandness due to their height, and are available in a variety of colours, such as different shades of blue, pastel purples and whites.



Orchids are a popular event flower, as they’re available in a range of colours and scents. They are exotic, graceful, and equally suited to work meetings and product launches. Orchids are long-lasting, with yellow varieties symbolising friendship and new beginnings, and orange ones representing pride, enthusiasm and boldness.



These large, showy flowers have a beautiful presence, making them particularly suitable for a business conference. Available in a variety of colours, including white, yellow, pink and red, tulips will definitely impress your guests.



While commonly associated with weddings and are widely known for being a symbol of love, roses also express hope, promise and new beginnings, all of which can be related to a corporate event. This bloom is suitable for almost every type of occasion, as they come in many different colours, like white, yellow, pink, orange, purple and red.



These might be the most suitable flowers for business meetings. as their colour is said to boost your mood. Daffodils are typically yellow or white, evoking a sun-kissed feel, and symbolise new beginnings and rebirth. This could make them a good choice for events discussing the future of your business, or for launches to announce a new phase in your company’s plans.


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What colour of flower should I pick for a corporate event?


Similar to how flowers themselves have different meanings, there is a lot to infer from their colours as well. This makes choosing the right flowers even more important, as it’s another factor to consider if you want to avoid creating the wrong atmosphere. Generally, brightly-coloured blooms are perfect if the occasion such as a business conference is being livestreamed, as they’ll be more noticeable on camera.

However, you should also be mindful of connotations certain coloured flowers may have — as we all know, red roses are considered the ultimate symbol of love and passion, so they might not be ideal for business purposes.

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