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Getting the perfect shot for your publication or production is paramount to its notable success. At Blooming Haus, our meticulous attention to detail coupled with our expert art direction enables us to create evocative settings that pique the senses and plunge the viewer into a soul-stirring experience, that has profound, long-lasting effects.

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The debonair touch of innovatively-crafted florals in your corporate space are the focal point of your brand positioning. They should speak volumes about who you are, what you do, and what you stand for while implying a look to an even more illustrious future.


The evocative beauty of nature has the power to transform spaces, set the tone, and connect you with your customers.

At Blooming Haus London, our stand-out floral mise-en-scènes will breathe real life into your marketing!

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Our dedication to our craft is at the heart of everything we do here at
Blooming Haus, and we love nothing more than sharing it with the world!
For press related inquiries, contact us at: press@bloominghaus.com

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