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Fill the form to let us know you’d like to work with us. We will send through our London wedding florist brochure and detailed questionnaire to start the process.
We introduce our London wedding flowers service during a short 15 min phone consultation and discuss your questionnaire to make sure all details are accounted for.
The previous steps allow us to create a Style Board and build estimates for our work. Once you’re ready, we will take a small deposit to book our services.
A few months before your big day we will arrange to meet you at the venue to discuss in details your design wishes and give our advice for floral decorations.
We work together to create fine floral recipes that truly reflect your vision. We update you with our colour studies, sketches and floral decisions.
It’s time for you to enjoy our beautiful floral decorations. We have turned your vision into a creation for you and your guests to admire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set a budget for my flowers?

It’s not always easy to set a precise budget for wedding flowers. Quotes will of course be based on what you are looking for. Some brides prefer the lush, luxurious look while others prefer a more simple designs. The quote is always based on what you want and can be modified according to what you prefer. This is why, at Blooming Haus, we start the process by giving you a general quote and once you confirm you would like to work with us, we work closely to refine this quote and ensure it fits your budget. You do not have to make this decision on your own; we will be there to help! Of course, it is always helpful to come with a general idea of a budget so that we can come up with suitable suggestions.

How much would wedding flowers cost?

There are a few factors that come into play when pricing wedding flowers.

First and foremost, it is based on the type of flowers you choose. Some flowers such as the David Austen roses for example will cost more than other typical roses.

The season then comes into play. Flowers that are in season will cost less than when they are out of season. For example, tulips in September will cost significantly more than tulips in spring.

Size and the intricate nature of the designs are also another factor. A loftier arrangement will naturally cost more. The time it takes as well as the amount of people needed to create the arrangements is also factored in for a more accurate pricing. Lastly, supplies such as vases, candelabras, arch structures, ribbons needed for the arrangements are also part of the final cost. All these components are brought together to get a final pricing that is reflective of the work and the elements of any arrangement.  

I know nothing about flowers and cannot make my mind up about designs. How do I choose flowers?

Not to worry! This is generally the case and we are to ensure we provide you with different options so that you can choose which ones you would prefer. It is always helpful if you have some inspirational photos that you’ve come across on the Internet or elsewhere to give us an idea of what style you would like. If you don’t, we are always happy to suggest different options.

Will we be able to see examples or samples?

We will provide you with inspirational photography, sketches, colour palettes and drawings throughout our design process. These will make sure you have the clearest idea of the looks and style that will be set on the day of your event. Also, at early stages, feel free to consult our portfolio on our website.

What venues do you typically work with? Are you familiar with my venue?

Our numerous events have allowed us to work in a very diverse range of venues including luxury hotels, members clubs, private venues and outdoor venues. Once your venue is confirmed, we will schedule a meeting there with you to visit the venue, meet the staff there and cover logistics to make sure everything goes smoothly on the day. It is also an occasion to catch up with the people we have worked with on previous events again!