Five Floral Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding

Pew Ends in Church

Flowers have been used at weddings for centuries, decorating nearly every aspect of the big day, including the venue, clothing, and even the cake. There are so many different types of flower to choose from, offering endless possibilities in terms of decorations. But with all these options, choosing the right floral decorations can be difficult, especially when considering things like your colour scheme and what your favourite flowers are. We know it’s easy to feel overwhelmed during this process, which is why we’ve listed five floral decoration ideas to get you started.

1. Floral arches

An archway of flowers can add elegance to your venue, impress your guests, and create a dreamy look, while acting as a great backdrop for your photographs, both indoors and outdoors. It also enhances your decor and colour scheme. To make the most of your floral arch, entwine brightly coloured blooms with plenty of greenery. Discuss your options with your florist as there are plenty of styles you could try. You don’t even need to use fresh blooms, as dried flowers can make the arch look less ordinary.

Working with a professional florist allows you to design your floral arch to match your colour scheme, either using one colour or a combination. Balloon arches are another popular modification of a traditional floral arch. This concept can be adapted and a blend of the two styles can create a spectacular result. What’s more, a floral arch doesn’t have to be a typical arch shape either—switch up the traditional look with an asymmetrical or a go for a moon gate, which has a completely circular shape.

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2. Pew end flowers

As pew ends typically conjure up images of old-fashioned churches, incorporating flowers is a modern touch to impress your guests and brighten up the venue’s appearance. Pew end flowers create a beautiful and romantic walkway for the bride. While the wedding reception venue is where most of the decorations are placed, the ceremony ultimately is the most important part of the day so you’ll want to decorate it too. 

To incorporate flowers at the end of your pews, tie small bunches of blooms, or create floral meadows, which grow from the ground. Carefully picking right complementary shades to your wedding colour scheme adds a simple yet elegant touch. 

3. Wedding table centrepieces

Table centrepieces jazz up the space for your guests as they eat, drink, socialise, and just take a short break from all the dancing. They can be designed in many different styles using a variety of flowers, colours, and props, and will generally suit your wedding theme to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Guests will be facing the arrangements for a significant portion of the reception, so you want them to stand out and be a focal point of your venue.

However, you need to consider the size of your wedding centrepieces to ensure guests can see and talk with each other. For a rustic or vintage look, use rustic containers or vases, while a table runner made of flowers offers a more sophisticated feel. Use a neutral tablecloth so you can experiment with different coloured flowers to create a more eye-catching display. Or, play around the vases of varying heights to create interesting levels with your arrangements. 

4. Flower wall

Make a statement on your big day with a jaw-dropping flower wall. These have become a popular wedding trend after Kim Kardashian had her own grandiose flower wall to celebrate her marriage to Kanye West. A flower wall allows you to experiment with colour, size, and flower types, while being a great way to bring the outdoors inside. It’s the perfect backdrop for wedding photos and works anywhere including the ceremony entrance and the reception, and can even double up as the background during the vow exchange.

These floor-to-ceiling arrangements can be designed using colour-coordinated blooms and foliage to match your theme. A flower wall can be packed with blooms for a dramatic look, however, they don’t always need to be densely packed. Instead, flower walls can incorporate vines and other foliage, or simply be made by taping individual flowers to a wall. This will give you more freedom to experiment with placement. You can even play around with the colour of the backdrop to find a shade that makes the flowers pop as much as possible. Another popular style is an ombré flower wall, which is created using a technique of arranging flowers into a seamless colour gradient from dark to light, adding a subtle touch of glamour to your day.

5. Hanging installation

Similar to a flower wall, a hanging installation is an unique and stylish way of having photos taken with your loved ones on your big day. This can be anything suspended above your table or the dance floor, beautifully adorned with florals. Installations are a great choice if you are looking for a custom design that will become the focal point of the event. Your floral designer will be able to give you the right advice that will fit the style of your wedding and the wedding venue.

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