How To Style Your Top Table

How To Style Your Top Table. Photo by Julie Michaelsen

The top table is where you, your partner, your parents, and the best man and maid of honour take centre stage at your reception. As this faces your wedding guests and will be the focal point of the room, it needs to be beautifully decorated. For instance, you could use it to display your wedding flowers and add more colour, texture and interest to the space. Here we look at some of the ways you can style your top table.

Pick a table shape

Most couples traditionally choose a long table that faces out to their wedding guests with eight seats, though others pick a round one instead. You may want to ensure you and your partner are the centre of attention by opting for a small table just for the bride and groom. The shape and size of your table will influence any floral arrangements you want to incorporate. For long tables, one is typically placed in front of the couple with two smaller designs on either side, while a beautiful garland of blooms better suits a round table.

Natural Flower Arrangement

Choose your flowers


Considered a traditional symbol of beauty and love, roses are a classic choice. This flower is incredibly versatile, available in many colours and perfectly complements other blooms such as hydrangeas and peonies. For a beautiful coral arrangement, combine ivory and light peach roses with peonies, freesias and some greenery, while white and cream roses create a classic bridal top table design.


Orchids come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and look stunning thanks to their unusual geometric shaped petals. A popular wedding flower choice, these look elegant in a large top table centerpiece. Blush orchids combined with roses, silky magnolia and green foliage create a woodland-like romantic and feminine arrangement. Mixing other exotic flowers and foliage such as heliconias, birds of paradise, alocasias, and others, with orchids offer a more modern look, or combined with plenty of greenery for a natural garden-like style.


This layered flower is typically in season through end of winter and spring, and with so many varieties, you’re spoilt for choice. Tulips pair wonderfully with almost every flower which makes creating your top table arrangement a little easier. For example, white tulips, daffodils and lilacs are a great mix for a rustic, summer occasion, while purple tulips with freesias and carnations in pinkish shades will add a vibrant and modern pop of colour to your top table arrangement. Tulips also look fantastic with trailing blooms and foliage which can be used to create a cascading effect over the front of your top table.

Incorporate accessories

Accessories can make a huge impact and there are so many ways to make your top table unique. For instance, fill an assortment of larger vases and bud vases with flowers for delicate and dainty additions. Wildflowers like cornflowers, foxgloves, cowslips and poppies are ideal as they’re beautifully bold and have small stems that fit snugly in the holders.

Additionally, candelabras and candle holders are a classic yet bold top table accessory, providing an opulent and atmospheric effect. 

Candelabras And Flowers
How To Style Your Top Table 6

The seasons can also impact your top table decorations. For example, fruit is a great way to add interest and colour. Apples, pears, plums, pomegranates and figs are all perfect for autumn weddings, as well as other small vegetables such as squashes. A winter-themed top table can be decorated with glittery, snow-covered pine cones, red berries and sprigs of mistletoe.

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