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One George Street Wedding

One George Street, London

Grand venues deserve grand moments. We got to know the bride and groom who decided to tie the knot in One George Street in London a few months before their winter wedding was planned. This gave us enough time to prepare ourselves well for the event. On a first visit to the wedding venue we were taken aback by the tall ceilings and the colourful walls of the place. The Edwardian building, located in Westminster, a block away from the Parliament Square and the best London’s attractions attracts every tourists’ attention. It turns into a wonderful wedding venue and a conference centre in the evenings and at the weekends, while on a weekday it is a headquarter for the Institution for Civil Engineers. What a mix, one might say! Until you step inside and realise the potential it has!


Our first point of contact with the bride was through email, when we received a short email that included several Pinterest pictures and a very thorough description of the likes and dislikes. Least to say, we were impressed with the fine choice of the photography! After a quick phone call, we met up in a cafe to discuss the floral decorations in details for this winter wedding! Our standard process involves discussing all the basic information about any event. Afterwards, we move on to discussing other details, including the personal flowers, ceremony flowers, reception flowers, as well as the delivery and setup. Perfect chat over a good cup of coffee on a winter evening.


When December started approaching, we reached out to our trusted suppliers and made a few decisions on the floral choices. After our research, we proposed chrysanthemums. You're seeing here two special winter varieties, including a British grown pom-pom chrysanthemum, the always-fashionable roses, ranunculus, anemones, carnations and eucalyptus.

We stylised this December wedding with winter blooms in white, pale yellows and greens palette arranged on large round tables in the picturesque One Great George Street's Ballroom. The choice of colour was decided by the bride, who opted for a simple and black tux matching scheme.

Final Look

The bride's focus was on monochromatic look of the flower arrangements. We focused on using minimal colour and paid close attention to whites and blacks only as the celebration was a formal black-tie wedding. It gave us enough information and inspiration to create unique flower arrangements.

Through our collaboration with the bride and thorough research we sourced special gold effect mirrored vases. These were complemented with shimmering tea lights and blooms sourced from local growers, specifically for this winter wedding. A stylish and understated composition was born.

Find our more about our services by visiting the Wedding Flowers page.

Winter Wedding Bouquet

Winter Wedding Bouquet


White Wedding Centrepiece
White Wedding Centrepiece
One Great George Street White Wedding Centrepiece
White Buttonhole
White Wedding Bouquet
White Buttonhole
One Great George Street White Wedding Centrepiece
One Great George Street White Wedding Centrepiece
One Great George Street White Wedding Centrepiece
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