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Royal Society of Arts Wedding

There are just a few venues in central London that we haven’t worked in or haven’t heard of. That’s why when a new enquiry arrives with a previously unheard-of location we are exceptionally thrilled at the great opportunity.

The Royal Society of Arts Wedding

First, we need to clarify that, however new to us The Royal Society of Arts seemed to be, it has been, in fact, a very well established institution, that had undergone a wonderful refurb. Note well, after a refurbishment a venue normally quickly becomes all the rage. The buildings of The Royal Society of Arts have been their home since 1774. Like many London wedding venues, it lives up to its standard with grand rooms and halls, tall ceilings and impressive period paintings and wall coverings. Just scroll down to admire the grandeur of this institution.

Frances and Mark

Some couples just know their own mind. We received clear specifics when it came for the number of arrangements but had a free hand at the colour, flowers and design decisions. Frances also asked for red roses in her flower arrangements.

The Colour Palette

The leading colour was red, with neighbouring purples, pinks and oranges. The choices weren’t accidental! We consequently stayed around the deeper tones for the romantic, rich and mysterious look, with occasional lighter oranges and pinks as accent colours to brighten the arrangements.

The Designs

Starting with the ceremony, two large and round backdrop pedestal centrepieces sat at the top of the aisle. It’s a great tip to place larger structures at the end of the aisle as this place always gets photographed a lot. As for the reception, we all imagined a suspended floral chandelier made of fragrant jasmine and ruscus. It was quite a simple combo with a wonderful result! While the chandelier provided a focal point at the wedding breakfast room, the table centrepieces with their dancing scabiosas reaching towards the installation considerably livened up the tables.

Wedding Bouquet

Roses were the focal flowers. We contrasted them with clematis, sweet peas, anemones, lilac, hellebores and different foliage to complement the look. The bouquet was asymmetrical, modern and although large, it remained light. We have a soft spot for a perfect form!

And what did the bride think of the flowers?

"The team at Blooming Haus were absolutely outstanding and our wedding flowers were truly stunning! Would highly recommend their wonderful service for any occasion."

Are you ready to take your wedding flowers to the next level? Have a look at the following photos of The Royal Society of Arts Wedding and drop us a line to start the enquiry process.

Bride with Wedding bouquet. Bridesmaids wearing Red Dresses
Bridesmaid holding a rose, scabies, hellebores, sweet peas and anemones asymmetrical and modern bridal bouquet
Tall ceremony aisle flower centrepiece arrangement
Tall ceremony aisle flower arrangement
Two wedding ceremony arrangements at Royal Academy of Arts
Two Top of Aisle Wedding Flowers Arrangements
Royal Society of Arts Wedding Flowers
Royal Society of Arts Wedding Flower Centrepieces
Roses and scabiosas wedding flower arrangements
Floral chandelier with jasmine and ruscus.
Colourful wedding flower centrepiece
Scabiosa wedding flower arrangement
Tables with wedding flowers
Floral installation from a London florist
Royal Society of Arts wedding reception room with flowers
Wedding Reception at Royal Society of Arts
Table centrepieces at Royal Society of Arts
Red and violet wedding flower centrepieces at Royal Society of Arts
Close up of flower arrangements at central London wedding venue
Floral hoop at Royal Society of Arts
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