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London Rascals Photoshoot

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London Rascals

Shoreditch is quite a cool area for an urban wedding. Many couples opt for unusual venues, giving rise to the more uncommon places where one can tie the knot. As an example, London Rascals, with its pink walls, quirky interiors and unexpected combinations of decorative elements, might turn out to be a great place for an intimate gathering. Lianne, the wedding planner we collaborated on this wedding photoshoot with, chose this place for her next styled shoot. The results? As the venue dictated certain colour scheme, we were cooperating with the place in a full harmony and came up with some unusual choices. Well, it's totally the place for a wedding party! Full of neons and bright colours, it is also a perfect place for a styled shoot.

Blonde Army

We have known the founder of the Blonde Army for quite a while. When she called us and mentioned she had a shoot in mind, we didn’t hesitate much before said a yes. The planner has an extensive experience in styling, coordination and wedding planning. It’s a perfect match between a creative floral studio and a creative planner.

The Brief

The brief we received was quite succinct: cool people, cool place, neons, bright lights. We listened and came up with our interpretation of the ideas. A few sketches and discussions later, the concept was fully laid out, our response understood and we went to the production phase.

The Flowers

We focused our efforts on creating an oversized modern wedding bouquet. We tied this with hand-dyed coloured ribbons matching the venue’s colours. The length of the ribbon accentuated the wedding dress. You'll find in the wedding bouquet different ferns, but also typical for the end of winter helleborus, frittilarias, all paired with the extravagant vanda orchids. What else? The groom had a fine buttonhole tied with silk ribbon and dressed with fragrant winter foliage. We showcased even more finesse on the table by creating a custom floral table runner. Our focus here were the ferns, but also the petite red and green glossy flowers.

And so the concept turned into reality thanks to a collaboration of the planner, photographer, videographer, make-up artist and stylist, costumes designers and the Blooming Haus Wedding florist.

Shoreditch Wedding Bouquet
Shoreditch Wedding Bouquet
Shoreditch Wedding Bouquet
Shoreditch Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Table Flower Runner
Wedding Table Flower Runner
Wedding Table Flower Runner
Wedding Buttonhole
Wedding Table Flower Runner
Wedding Table Flower Runner
Wedding Table Flower Runner
Wedding Table Flower Runner
Wedding Table Flower Runner

There’s a great video that accompanies the shoot. View it below:

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