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Strawberry Hill House Wedding

Strawberry Hill House Wedding

Strawberry Hill House resembles nothing so much as a medieval castle. Once you step in, you’ll feel the magic of this place, as the cosy rooms and the interiors invite you to lose yourself in exploring the history of the Georgian Gothic Revival villa. Although our photos don’t show the gardens, they are equally enchanting and when the weather allows, become a part of every wedding celebration.

Dana and Cameron

We met the bride for a coffee in January, knowing they planned their wedding for July. During every first wedding consultation, we elicit the most important information so that we can ensure we understand what the couple would like their special day to look like. That’s also why we suggest giving your florist enough planning time to polish the designs. Dana hinted at the warm colour scheme and at the choice of some florals. She also stressed out her love for one of the wedding cakes flowers we designed a few months back. We took it all in and swiftly presented our Visual Proposal.

The Colour Scheme

Here is the short brief of the colour scheme, with whites, nudes, pinks, reds and soft violets coming to play. Our intent was to harmonise this wedding breakfast room’ red wall with our choice of colours and flowers. 

Design Elements, keywords and choice of colours

The Designs

The table layout at this Strawberry Hill House wedding was classic and formal. The round tables were dressed in classic white linens and formal table set-up. This gave us enough space to design medium round table centrepieces. Specifically, for this occasion, we sourced not only the well-known flowers such as peonies, scabiosas and cosmos but also a few less known and wilder varieties. For the preceding ceremony, we placed the  flowers at the front of the aisle – one focal large centrepiece with baby’s breath and roses as well as a large asymmetrical jasmine-adorned arrangement at the signing table.

The Wedding Cake

Just take a peek at this cascading design! The simple three-tiered wedding cake was given an elevated expression with a flowing finish of eustomas and roses. It gave us all as much as joy as Dana and Cameron, who after the wedding said:

“Blooming Haus did an amazing job with the flowers for our wedding. Everything was exactly as we wanted and it all looked incredible - we had many comments from guests on the day too about how wonderful all the flowers were. Both Michael and Michal were a pleasure to deal with throughout. They are extremely creative, dedicated and talented and I would 100 percent recommend them to anyone.”

We are ready to paint your dream with our colours. Drop us a line to start the enquiry process.

Hellebores Buttonholes
Strawberry Hill House Wedding Flowers
Strawberry Hill House Wedding Ceremony
Strawberry Hill House Wedding Ceremony Flowers
Cascading Wedding Cake Floral Design
Light and delicate wedding cake flowers
Strawberry Hill House Wedding Cake
Wedding Flowers at Strawberry Hill House
Light and Organic Wedding Flowers Centrepiece
Peony and wild flowers wedding centrepiece
Summer Wedding Flowers
Summer Wedding Flowers Centrepiece
Round Wedding Centrepiece at Strawberry Hill House
Flowers on a table
Flower Arrangement with Backlight
Round Large Gypsophilia and Roses Flower Arrangemnent
Wedding Flowers Table Set-up
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