30 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers | A Florist’s Guide

wedding flowers in hair

Take your wedding look to the next level and choose a wedding hairstyle with flowers!


Flowers in the bride’s hair just screams ethereal beauty.


When it’s done well, it looks effortlessly stunning and is a surefire way to add extra colour, personality, and luxury to your special day.


So, whether you’re planning:

  • an updo,
  • a chignon,
  • long hair,
  • or short hair

There’s a floral touch that’s perfect for any style.


30 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers


And who better to advise you than a luxury London florist who has worked many of the cities grandest affairs, and editorial shoots?


Psst…we’re talking about us! ūüôā


After all, no one wants droopy wedding hair flowers, right?


If anyone can keep you looking beautiful and fresh all day long, it’s us.


We can advise you on the best flowers, and design for your hair type, venue, and location climate.


Ready to take a look at some of our favourite wedding hairstyles with flowers?


Please note: the pictures used in this blog are not our own and purely for inspiration purposes only. If you find something you love the look of, contact us today to discuss creating the perfect floral hair design for your wedding. 

 1. Striking Solo Bloom


 A single flower can make a bold statement.


wedding hair with flowers

Image: Jillian Mitchell


This fluffy pink peony conveys the regal sense of prosperity and luck that these blooms are said to bring. 


2. Delicately Decorated Braids


 Braids are elegant as well as practical.


Perfect for keeping flowing locks in place on your big day.


wedding hair with flowers

Image: Jess Petrie for Brides Up North.


Add a touch of natural sparkle by weaving baby’s breath (gypsophila) or tiny rosebuds through your braids.



3. The Classic Crown


 The perfect combination of classic and relevant.


Flower crowns never go out of style.

flower crown for wedding

Image: Michelle Scott Photography

Be the flower queen you truly are!


For a touch of tropical spice, go all-out colourful and bold. This look is divine for destination weddings! 


4. Whimsical Updo with Roses


¬†Think Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.


Titania, Queen of the Fairies.

wedding hair with flowers

 Image: Lieb Photographic  

Combine messy up-do with pink and white roses tucked in for a boho bride’s dream hairstyle.



5. Boho Succulents


¬†For a boho vibe that’s more rocker chick pixie than a fairy.


We love succulents with a few sprigs of greenery to finish.


wedding hair with flowers

Image: Anastasia Selora

Natural, fresh, and funky. 


6. A Whisper of Baby’s Breath


¬†Baby’s breath (otherwise known as gypsophila) softly sprinkles the hair.


Subtle yet breathtakingly beautiful.


babys breath in wedding hair

Image: Bhawjeet Sawhney


It adds a fairy tale touch to updos, loose flowing hair and half-up, half-down styles 


7. Dramatic and Sensual Red


This striking juxtaposition of pure white, and passionate red definitely makes a statement.


High in drama and sensuality.


red wedding hair flowers

Image: Stephanie Rose Photography for Wedding Chicks

Choose a matching red bouquet for the ultimate effect. 


8. Sweet White


¬†There’s something special about a scattering of petite white blooms.


No complex designs or intricate colour combinations.


white blooms and veil for wedding hair

Image: Leo Patrone Photography


Just clear, pure white with a touch of foliage for contrast. 


9. Delicate Floral Hair Comb


Concerned about keeping flowers in place in your hair?


Take a look at this delicate pink and white floral hair comb.


wedding hair flowers

Image: Cinzia Bruschini for Bride 


Your stylist can also use bobby pins for extra security to make sure it stays in place throughout the day. 


10. Pop of Colour


 Brighten up a half-up, half-down styling with a simple pop of colour from a small floral grouping.


This design brings sunshine and vibrancy to your wedding hair. 


colourful wedding day hair

Image: Dawn Derbyshire Photography for Intimate Weddings 


Perfect for the colourful souls out there.


11. Bright, Big and Bold


Perfect for vivacious brides with a love of nature.


beach wedding hair

Image: Emma and Rich Photography 


This floral crown of intense oranges and pinks instils a sense of fun and adventure. 


Start the marriage as you mean to go on!


This look works particularly well on wavy hair and if you’re choosing to get married on the beach.


12. Cascade of Flowers


 This look instantly adds some fairytale factor to your big day.


The floral cascade looks stunning on brides with long hair, who would like to keep their hair down on the day. 


flowers in the hair for the wedding day

Image: Shutterstock

This elegantly undone look is something we do best at Blooming Haus.


It just so natural yet so put together at the same time – we love it!


 13. The Elegance of Orchids


 Orchids exude elegance and refinement Рthere is just something so awe-inspiring about them!


These timeless blooms are also associated with fertility, sexuality, and love, so wearing them on your wedding day seems appropriate.


orchid in wedding hair

Image: Shutterstock

Most strikingly the orchid is a very unique shape and comes in an array of different sizes and colours.


However, we think one medium-sized orchid is enough to make the perfect statement without it looking over the top.


14. Wildflower Fairy Tale


 Wildflowers are part classic beauty and part bohemian.


boho wedding hair ideas

Image: Paula McManus Photography

Embrace your inner fairytale princess with a spray of wildflowers in a low loose bun. 


15. Bun Accentuating Halo


It’s not often you see brides sporting a high halo bun for their wedding, but when they do?


It’s jaw-dropping, especially when paired with a ballgown style dress.


It’s sophisticated, powerful, and enduring. A really great option if you want your hair off your face.


Although the flowers in this picture are not real we think some simple pink roses or smaller flowers soften the bun and give it that extra dash of elegance.


wedding hair bun

Image: Shutterstock


For a twist on this concept, go green with a foliage halo.


16. Updo Flower Weave


 Imbue your wedding hair with the essence of nature.


In this creation, foraged flowers are woven through an intricate updo.


weave flowers hairstyle for wedding

Image: Larissa Cleveland

Hair and flowers come together in one pure masterpiece. 


This is one of our all-time favourites looks for wedding hairstyles with flowers.


17. Decorative Foliage


 If you want to step away from traditional floral wedding hair.


We’re right there with you.


wedding hair with flowers

Image: Sarah Vivienne Photography


Seize the incredible opportunities that foliage and greenery present. 


We love how this look works perfectly with the details of the dress.


18. Romantic Roses


 Roses and romance go hand in hand.


From tiny buds to bounteous blooms.


blooming haus wedding hair

Image: Two Twenty by Chi Chi 

This short bridal hairstyle is taken to a whole new level using the gloriously simple placements of two large open rose blooms. 


TOP TIP: Big blooms work great with short or afro style hair.


19. Dainty Florals for a Half-Up, Half Down


 Take a wavy half-up, half-down hairstyle and mix in a delicate floral sprig, what do you get?


Pure perfection.


The result is this dainty wedding hair flower design.


hair up half down flower hairstyle

Image: Instagram.com/christinechiamakeup

A great option for modern brides embracing traditional romance. 


We also think this look is a great option for your bridesmaids.


20. Daisy Chain Nostalgia


Who doesn’t remember making daisy chains a child?


Maybe you even played “he loves me, he loves me not.”


daisy wedding hair

Image: Shutterstock

Now, you have your answer, get nostalgic with a daisy chain inspired style.


Add some extra colour for an adult take on childhood playfulness. 


21. Ponytail Pastels


 This loose ponytail is a fresh, chic bridal hair design.


Relaxed sophistication at its most exquisite.


pony tail wedding hair flowers

Image: Alicia Lucia Photography

Pretty pastel florals provide the perfect finish. 


Sometimes, less is definitely more. We love how this floral wedding hair design ties in perfectly with her bouquet.



22. A Subtle Touch


 If you want your long luscious locks to take centre stage keep it simple.


Twist a piece of hair and pin it with dainty buds. 


wedding flower hair design

Image: Danielle Coons Photography




23. Hairband of Blooms


 Floral hairbands are the perfect adornment for a myriad of hair lengths and types.


Here, fluffy white blooms bring ethereal magic.


wedding hair with flowers

Image: Greybird Galleries


For an unforgettable special day. 

24. A Ribbon and Buds


The Boho chic wedding aesthetic is everything!


We love how simple and effective this look is.


Simply tie a piece of ribbon around your hair, then tuck in some baby’s breath or tiny rosebuds.¬†


wedding hair with flowers

Image: Tom Leung Photography

25. Soft Chignon with Buds


We love the natural sophistication of a soft chignon.


This stunning design is a breath of fresh air.


wedding hair with flowers

Image: Kate Headley

Natural green foliage and white buds.


Style and nature in perfect union, don’t you think?¬†


26. Delicate Budded Fishtail


 Straight from the pages of your favourite fairy tale.


This fishtail braid is decorated with pure white buds.


fishtail flowers for wedding hair

Image: Paige Nelson Photography

With a pop of brilliant yellow and powerful red for a dash of energy and vibrancy. 


 27. Full-on Frontal Florals


 Never underestimate the power of a peony.


floral wedding hairstyles

Image: Shutterstock


These soft, regal looking blooms bring colour and creativity to a statement bridal hairstyle for long hair. 


28. Green and Gorgeous


¬†Colour isn’t just a prerequisite of floral wedding hairstyles.


As a London luxury florist with a heavy focus on sutainability, we’ve helped brides go green, literally.¬†


green floral hair design

Image: Jess Petrie


This nature-inspired hair design is perfect for updos and long flowing locks. 


29. Country Garden Natural


 Is your wedding an outdoor event?


Get into the spirit of the day with a gorgeous textured floral hair arrangement. 


texture floral hair designs

Image: Taylor & Porter Photographs for The Natural Wedding Company


Dainty country garden flowers are a great way to bring you closer to nature. 


30. Side-On Florals


 Updos and bobs beam most beautifully with florals on the side.


In this case, lilies lead the way.


floral wedding hair designs

Image: Shutterstock


But, any colourful blooms of the season bring eye-popping results. 


Floral Wedding Day Hair ‚Äď Your Questions Answered


Now that you’ve seen all 30 don’t forget to let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section below. ūüôā


 Do you have questions about your wedding day hair?



We’re here to help.¬†

At Blooming Haus, we offer all kinds of wedding floral installations from large and lavish, to table pieces, and small corsages.


We would love nothing more to help you create the perfect wedding hair floral design.


London Wedding Florist

Image: Blooming Haus

Contact us to book your  free no-obligation consultation today.


Can I wear flowers in my hair and a veil?


Yes, you can. You don’t have to choose between a veil and flowers.


You can have both.


Wear a drop or halo veil, or wear your veil on the back of your head.


Then attach your choice of flowers above the veil for a classic style.


 How does a flower crown last?


Care for your floral crown, and it will last 1-5 days on average, depending on which flowers you choose.


We’re here to help, and we’ll show you precisely what to do to get the most from your crown.


How do I keep my hair in place on my wedding day?


Your hair can go through a lot on your Wedding Day.


You want to give it the best chance of surviving intact.


It helps to ask your stylist to add volume and use plenty of hairspray.


Use bobby pins to keep hair combs and hairpieces in place.


Add accessories, including flowers, as late as possible.


Obviously, this doesn’t apply if flowers are being woven into your hair.




It’s really tempting to keep touching it, but you just end up spreading oil from your fingertips and that really isn‚Äôt what you want.


Which hairstyle goes with my wedding dress?


Hairstyle is always going to come down to personal taste.


But there are some tips we’ve picked up.


Soft, romantic styles usually match with intricate dress designs.


Think loose curls and face-framing tendrils.  


Sleek hairstyles like a bun or French twist complement modern, structured dresses. 


Do I need to book a wedding hair trial?


All the stylists we know suggest that brides book a wedding hair trial.


You get to see if the style is a good choice, and amendments can be made before the big day.


How do I prep my hair for my wedding day?


From our years working with brides and stylists, we know that you shouldn’t usually wash your hair on the day.


Clean hair is silky and difficult to manage, especially for updos and attaching accessories.


You should typically shampoo and condition your hair the day before your wedding.


I can’t decide, should I wear my hair up or down for my wedding?


There are a few things to consider to help you make your decision.


If the weather is hot or humid, an updo is a good choice.


If your hair doesn’t hold curls, choose braids or an updo.


Think about the neckline of your dress. If you want to show it off, sweep your hair to the side or go for an updo.


How do I choose my wedding hair accessories?


Your personal style is always going to have a big influence.


You also have to think about complementing your dress and your hair.


Consider your different options before you come to a decision.


Fresh flowers have natural vitality.


Hair vines are a hot choice for boho beauty.


Tiaras give you classic elegance.


Hairpins add a simple touch of style.  


We’ve loved exploring these stunning floral wedding hairstyles with you.


Is there anything we’ve missed?


Pop a message in the comments and tell us what you think! 


Do you have any ideas you want to share?


Are there any questions you want to ask?


We’d be happy to answer them for you. ūüôā¬†


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